4 Life-Changing Experiences for Steve Jobs

01. Travel in India

Steve Jobs experiences India

In New Delhi, Steve chose to don a lungi and roam around barefoot. In the flower child fashion of the era, he embraced Indian culture.


02. Lived in a Hippie Community

Steve Jobs experiences hippie

He spent several weeks with his girlfriend Chris-Ann and Dan Kottke in a hippie commune in Oregon, the All-One Farm. Here they would cultivate apples and for some time, Steve would eat only that – when he wasn’t fasting, that is.


03. Bike trip around the hills of Tuscany

Steve Jobs experiences tuscany

He went to Italy, where he drove the hills of Tuscany and bought a bike so he could spend time riding by himself.


04. Vegan


Jobs also spent some time as a fruitarian, a subset of veganism that means eating only fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables and grains- absolutely no animal products.