3 Anecdotes about Edith Cavell

01. Her beliefs

edith cavell anecdotes beliefs

Matron at the Ecole Belge d’Infirmieres Diplomees she installed these principles into her trainee nurses:

all people who need their help must be treated equally, regardless of nationality, beliefs or social class.

She was working in Belgium, and when the Germans overran Belgium, she stated that all wounded who come to the hospital received the best care possible, despite many of them being “the enemy


02. Moral Dilemma

Edith Cavell anecdotes moral dilemma red cross

As Matron of the Red Cross hospital her duty was to treat all patients at her best and not to participate in any partisan activity.

Taking a part in the conflict by helping more then 200 Allied prisoners to escape, she was putting the whole Red Cross mission in danger.

So she solved this moral dilemma by not involving anyone of the staff and using not the hospital areas in her activities.


03. Last Words

Edith Cavell anecdotes last words

She said to the chaplain, on the eve of her execution, that she still stood by her actions and felt they were the right ones, but she also understood that the Germans had no choice but to execute her for those actions.

She ended saying:

“I realize that patriotism is not enough. I must have no hatred or bitterness towards anyone.”