5 Life-Changing Experiences for Abraham Lincoln

01. Abraham Lincoln never belonged to an organized church

Abraham Lincoln experiences Holy Bible

Lincoln read the Bible daily, but he never joined an organized church in his lifetime.


02. His life was saved twice when he was young

abraham lincoln experiences life saved twice

The young Lincoln was a boy adventurous and for this reason he was often in trouble.


03. Abraham Lincoln was estranged from his father

abraham lincoln experiences father

In terms of education, his father, lacked ambition, and he never fully understood Abraham’s desire to read and learn. Abraham didn’t attend his funeral.


04. Abraham Lincoln ran for the U.S. Senate twice and lost

abraham lincoln experiences lost senate

In 1855 he lost vs Lyman Trumbull.
In 1858, while taking part in a series of highly publicized debates with his opponent and rival, Democrat Stephen Douglas, Lincoln spoke out against the expansion of slavery, but lost the U.S. Senate race to Douglas.


05. Abraham Lincoln battled depression for much of his life

abraham lincoln experiences depression

Lincoln was contemporaneously described as suffering from “melancholy,” a condition which modern mental health professionals would characterize as clinical depression. He would often combat his melancholic moods by delving into works of humor, likely a healthy coping mechanism for his depression