10 Inspirational Quotes by Thomas Fowell Buxton

01. I was, and have always been, conscious that though others had great talents, mine were moderate; that what I wanted in ability I must make up by perseverance; in short, that I must work hard to win, but with a sense that by WORKING HARD I could win.

02. It is a meter to me an amazement that any MAN of PRINCIPLE can materially differ with me on the subject of slavery. I wonder when I see an honest man who does not hate it as I do, who does not long for the opportunity of giving it a death-blow; and as I cannot believe that any change of circumstances could make me anything but a favourer and well-wisher and encourager to those who were devoted to that duty.

03. I would give the negro all that I could give him with security; I would do everything possible to mitigate and sweeten his lot; and to his children I would give unqualified EMANCIPATION.

04. I am very sorry to hear of your unhappinesses; I wish I could do anything to alleviate them. I think I might very well SPARE HAPPINESS enough for a moderate person, and still have enough left for myself.

05. Mankind in general mistake DIFFICULTIES for impossibilities. That’s the difference between those who effect, and those who do not.

With ordinary talents and extraordinary PERSEVERANCE, all things are attainable.

06. The longer I live the more I am certain that the great difference between the great and the insignificant is energy – INVINCIBLE DETERMINATION – a purpose once fixed, and then death or victory.

07. How is the Government prepared to act in case of a general insurrection of the negroes ? War is to be lamented anywhere, and under any circumstances: but a war against a people struggling for their freedom and their right would be the FALSEST POSITION in which it is possible for England to be placed. And does the noble lord think that the people out of doors will be content to see their resources exhausted for the purpose of crushing the inalienable rights of mankind?

08. I Believe I am a true friend to LIBERTY of FEELING and I think it high arrogance in one human being to pretend to dictate to another what is for that other’s happiness.

One of the ill effects of cruelty is that it makes BYSTANDERS cruel.

09. We must FIGHT the BATTLE with a single eye to the benefit of our clients the slaves.

10. I think it would be an inconvenient time for me to be out of Parliament just now. There are plenty of people with more talents, but a great lack of those who TRULY LOVE a GOOD CAUSE for its own sake, and whom no price would detach from it.