Inspirational reading list for kids

If it’s true that we are what we read.  Well, then it is true that we become what we read. Let’s make sure that our kids read the right books!

We would like to grow up a generation of kids who dream of being heroes rather than celebrities, who dream to change the world and and not to get more likes on social networks.

Here we have selected a list of 10 inspirational books for kids 8 – 12 years old. These are really useful gifts for the moral and intellectual growth of your kids.

01. Who was Albert Einstein ?


02. Who was Marie Curie ?


03. Who was Mandela ?


04. Who was Gandhi ?


05. Who was Steve Jobs ?


06. Who was M. L. King ?


07. Who was Lincoln ?


08. Who was Armstrong ?


09. Who was Alì ?

  • Olympic and professional boxer
  • Gold medal at the 1960 Olympics
  • Won WBA, WBC heavyweight titles
  • Refused to be conscripted into War
  • Want to know more about Alì ?


10. Who was Leonardo ?