3 Anecdotes about Marie Curie

01. A sister pact

Marie Curie anecdotes sister pact

Growing up without a lot of money was often a trouble for the Curies. Both Marie and her sister, Bronya wished to get a good education that would send them far in life.

But, without the money, this took some major effort. Marie and Bronya decided to make a sister pact. They made a plan that said while Marie worked as a governess, earning money, Bronya would continue with her medical studies. Once Bronya had a job, Marie would continue on with her education.

This was able to happen due to the fact that the money they each received from their jobs would be spent to send the other to school.

Marie made money for Bronya to go to school and once Bronya had a job, she made money for Marie to go to school. Without this sister pact, who knows how far either of them would have gotten?


02. Works to die

Marie Curie anecdotes dead

After her health began to deteriorate, Marie was sent to Sancellemoz Sanatorium in Passy, France to hopefully gain back some of her original strength. But, unfortunately, the results were quite upsetting.

Instead of getting better, Marie died there on July 4, 1934 of aplastic anemia.This disease is caused by lengthened exposure to radiation. All her life, Marie had worked with radiation.

Along with all the test she took to find the amount of radioactivity in a substance, Marie was said to have carried around radioactive elements in her pockets daily.

The time she spent working with radiation led to her death at the age of 66.

Today there are a handful of institutes and medical centers that are named after the one and only, Marie Curie. This shows her lasting impression that Marie has on our society today


03. Make it Happen

Marie Curie anecdotes make it happen

“Forget it,” the experts advised Madame Curie. They agreed radium was a scientifically impossible idea. However, Marie Curie insisted, “I can make it happen.”